Risk Assessment

Risk Assessmente : CMMC/NIST Full Audit & Automated Report

CybrHawk Risk Assessment tool helps you meet multiple CMMC/NIST requirements providing you visibility and threat detection across your network, endpoints, servers, cloud assets and third parties in your supply chain.

CybrHawk Risk Assessment

CybrHawk Risk Assessment will allow your IT Team to access unmatched visibility so they can quickly understand how their risk impact operational up-time and compliance standards, such as the ones required by CMMC/NIST regulation. Our platform helps teams form strategy and prioritize action plans for mitigating risk without having to hire more employ- ees, and freeing up the current team from their backlog task to focus on program improvements.

Assessment Framework Focus on CMMC/NIST

CybrHawk Risk Assessment​

Gain Full Visibility & Audit Report


Dashboards and reports throughout the platform provide insight into all activities happening across a risk management program, as well as in depth analysis of risks, compliance, and maturity.

Technology, People and Processes

Cybersecurity and risk management systems are often singularly focused on the technology stack when assessing risk. When our Intelligent Insights Engine scores risk and prioritizes remediation suggestions, it takes human and process variables into consideration. This provides the most complete view of risk with better accuracy in scoring than technology-focused solutions alone.

Business Context

Every business is different in the way they use their assets, and in the decisions they make for prioritizing remediations and improvements. Our Intelligent Insights Engine factors in the context of your unique business operation when calculating the severity of a risk score.

Implementation and Security

Getting started is fast and simple. Less than 2 hours is needed for initial setup & training, assigning your first assessment, and seeing results back. At CybrHawk as a cybersecurity company, we go to great lengths to secure your data and ensure reliable storage.

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