Incident Response & Management

Incident Response is a coordinated approach in mitigating and handling the effects of a security of a security breach, Cyber-attack, Cybersecurity Incidents or anything related to IT infrastructure.

What does CybrHawk incident response team do?

A good response plan to incidents involves the development of a cross-functional team from different parts of the business. Any attempted incident response efforts will likely be ineffective without the right people in right place. The group not only assists in the implementation of the incident response plan, but also deals with continuous monitoring and management, including day-to-day administrative command administration. Every member of the team should have clearly defined tasks and objectives. These are actions that take place not only during an incident, but also before and after an incident.

Types of Security Incidents

There are different ways to classify cyber security incidents. What might be called an incident in company might not be important for another.

Phishing Attack

Use Case: A phishing attack targeted several employees at a financial institution. The attackers sent seemingly legitimate emails to employees, tricking them into clicking on malicious links and providing their login credentials, causing data leaks and infiltrating in their system

Malware Infection Use Case

A manufacturing company was hit by a ransomware attack. The malware encrypted critical production systems, causing significant disruption to operations.

Unauthorized Access Use Case

A retail company discovered that an unauthorized individual had gained access to their customer database containing sensitive personal information.The security team noticed unusual login attempts and unusual data retrieval patterns from an unknown IP address.

Insider Threat Use Case

An employee with privileged access attempted to steal valuable intellectual property before resigning from the company.

CybrHawk Incident Response & Management

CybrHawk helps you to identify threats in your network infrastructure and provide you with solution including improvement on the command line. Audit teams can save 3 to 4 hours per device using CybrHawk (as compared to manual testing). You may employee available best practices or use innovative industry compliance criteria such as STIG & CIS benchmarks.

Business Impact

The response to incidents is not unlike dealing any other information security element. It requires careful preparation, constant monitoring, and consistent measures.
Continuing mitigation initiatives include establishing and monitoring targets for incident response, checking the incident response plan regularly.
Different metrics for measuring the effectiveness of incident response programs may include:

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