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CybrHawk XDR provides enterprise-wide protection by analyzing data from any source to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks and providing complete visibility. Simplify security operations to reduce average response time (MTTR) and reduce costs by combining tools and increasing SOC efficiency

Safe Browsing

Secure Hosting

Security Risk

Dark Web

Malware Detection

Security Firewall


We develop necessary protections to restrict cyber security incident.


Appropriate action to detect cybersecurity incidents quickly.


If a cyber incident occurs, the effects must be managed by organizations.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

It needs diligence, effective monitoring and adaptability. It relies on specialized skillsets, constant focus, calculated timing, and willingness to test for success.

CybrHawk Security Tools that help you to Success.

Get Full Visibility and Control of your Network
Monitor & Audit in Real Time
Extend your team with CybrHawk Next Gen SOC
Maintain Compliance
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CybrHawk Security Approach

CybrHawk keeps digital experiences closer to users than anyone — and keeps attacks and threats farther away.

Incident Response & Management

Incident response is a coordinated approach to mitigating and handling the effects of a security breach

Detect, Respond, Prevent & Recover

The Cybersecurity Framework consists of standards, guidelines and best practices for managing risk associated with cybersecurity.

Security Operation Center

A Security Operation Center (SOC) is a centralized position to continually track and enhance the security posture of an entity.

Compliance & Frameworks

Cyber security systems usually provide guidelines for the implementation and management of various aspects of a security .


Platforms for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


Requires maximum of 6 hours to provide the complimentary evaluation summary.


Cloud security provides multiple layers of network infrastructure control


SOC can be a fully managed SOC, co-managed, or hybrid system


Combat Cyber-crime, Data Protection & Risk Reduction

Our cyber-world is more than ever relying on technology and leading to cyber-age. Our businesses have all the digital data distributed to other computers through networks.

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How far can your visibility take you against today’s cyber threats?

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Cyber Security

Evaluate the Efficacy of your Security Program.

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Cloud Security

MDR for your cloud applications and infrastructure

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