CybrHawk Digital Forensic & IR

CybrHawk provides and proactive DFIR and Enterprise Forensics solutions with the best tools available, we stay on the cutting edge of technology in order to come up with innovative methods to help you.

Data Preservation

The preservation of device data and metadata is ensured through forensic imaging. It freezes the data and gives you a close look at the gadget. Give us a call if you’ve been served with a preservation order, legal hold, or are responding to a discovery request.

Data Recovery

Is there a document that has been deleted? Is your server down? Is your phone broken? Our team of digital forensics professionals can retrieve data from almost any digital device, regardless of its state.

Digital Investigation

With our forensic technologies, we can retrieve data from your device and build timelines based on it. We retrieve lost data and run filthy word or hotdoc lists against the index produced during a normal investigation. As a consequence, our professional digital examiner’s findings are highlighted in an in-depth client report. Our procedures are reliable in terms of forensics. During the forensic investigation, no data will be tampered with.

Resolve Cybersecurity Incidents Quickly And Thoroughly

Ensuring your business security is our priority.

Traditionally, digital forensics assumes a paradigm of a ‘crime scene’ that needs to be investigated, a ‘post mortem’ analysis of prior events in an attempt to re-construct how an endpoint or a user account was compromised. With all the challenges involved, what if you have 200 compromised endpoints (out of your 10,000 endpoint fleet), and you don’t know what else the threat actor could have deployed to your environment to ensure persistence?

Enterprise Forensics provides deep visibility across the entire attack surface, supporting the investigation of initial anomalies and inconsistencies discovered by SecOps. While traditionally digital forensics is seen as a reactive, time-consuming activity (with a lot of time spent on evidence collection), with Enterprise Forensics organizations can investigate anything on a scale, find out what really happened there, and if it happened anywhere else. It is something that is being done in real time, immediately following threat detection and incident response and tightly integrated with your SecOps SIEM / SOAR / hunting toolset.

In the case of a cyber crisis, CybrHawk has a team of dedicated cyber incident responders ready to help. We're here to assist you in rapidly investigating the event, resolving the matter, and getting back to work.

Our team can analyze and remediate any sort of incident response issue by combining quick response, dedicated assistance, and digital forensics knowledge. And we don’t stop after your business is up and running again. We’ll provide you with a full incident report that details what happened, what our team did, and what your company can do to prevent future attacks.



Proving deep real-time visibility and extraction of forensic artifacts


Working across the entire attack surface of an organization



Reaching to all assets and networks across your entire enterprise.




Can be invoked on-demands in full integration with existing SIEM / EDR / XDR capabilities.

Dedicated Support

Throughout your engagement with CybrHawk, you can expect white glove service and dedicated support.


Forensic Experts

CybrHawk Team can get your business back up and running with our forensics tools and expertise.


Common Incidents CybrHawk Investigates

Hackers encrypt your system, and you must pay a ransom to unlock it.
You can’t access your info since it’s encrypted.
When a hacker obtains access to a user’s email account.
Attacks aimed at overwhelm you with traffic.

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