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Cybrhawk SIEM XDR provides all the critical tools: IDS, Intelligence risk, behavior, machine learning & cloud info. The goal is to provide enterprise with full and total control systems.

CybrHawk SIEM XDR Platform

Log collection & correlation and Advanced threat detection.

Collect any Type of Data Source

Threat Detection

Response Compliance


Dark Web Monitoring

Incident Response & Forensic

Log Collection & Correlation

Log Collection & Correlation

Advanced Threat Detection


Advanced Threat Detection

Why Us?

Combat Cyber-Crime, Data Protection & Risk Reduction

Our world is more connected than ever on Internet. Our business heavily rely on digital world and computer networks. A breach of data or any cyber incident could lead your business in the lurch. CybrHawk with its Fusion Analytic Threat Platform offers a deep insight as well as help customers rapidly identify and respond to cyber threats before there is a material breach. To achieve this, CybrHawk can:

Collect any Type of
Data Source

Platform based on
AI and Machine Learning

Fusion SOC – CybrHawk encompasses detection, response, threat hunting, sharing of threat intelligence and data sciences.

Build Your Security Operations Center on a Strong Foundation

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