Does your company is prepared for a cyber-attack?

Does your company is prepared for a cyber-attack?

SZ Magazine reported through their survey that more than half of organizations didn’t have plans in place to both prevent and respond to a cyber incident. In 2018, the organization estimated that cybercrime was siphoning more than $600 billion from the global economy; two years later, that number is inching towards $1 trillion in total losses, and seemed like companies are yet to be prepared for a cybercrime.

Cybercrimes and ransomware attacks had increased considerably since many people started working from home due to the pandemic, making it harder to know which users are most susceptible to a ransomware attack or what part of their environment is most probable to be under attack.

CybrHawk recommendations

– Conduct vulnerability assessments periodically, CybrHawk vulnerability assessment will provide you with a maximum of 6 hours detailed report that summarizes threats identified in your environment, which will allow responding to cyber threats that are emerging.

– Maintain all your firewalls always configured and compliant, CybrHawk Firewall Analyzer assess firewall rules and configurations across all your firewalls, including new and next-generation firewalls, to find issues that can lead to breaches of security or breaches of compliance.

–  Obtain visibility, threat intelligence, and control of all your environment to be alerted on time, CybrHawk XDR provides real-time analysis of events created by network security controls with superior threat detection and response capabilities

– Get Managed Detection and Response for your cloud applications and infrastructure, CybrHawk Cloud delivers deep cloud visibility, security baseline and configuration management, ongoing vulnerability management, and advanced detection and response in a multi-cloud environment.

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